Lidia Garcia gives individual and group lessons. The aim in both of them is to achieve the highest vocal possibilities of the actor or singer.

Because voice identifies and defines us. Because is the audible sign of our soul. Because is a profound gesture of Giving. This is why vocal work is approached understanding the human being as a unit, as a whole.

Our voice cannot be “imposed” from the outside. It must not be locked in a rigid mold.
Our voice has to be free. It has to have wings.

Only like that, our voice will be able to express all the shades of a specific character or song.


In both individual and group lessons, the first thing to be worked is corporal training and then comes the vocal training.

Corporal training is done having in mind that our body is the very instrument through which our voice comes to fruition.
In this training we work the muscular conditioning, the posture (as relaxation and balance) and respiration.

Vocal training helps the actor and singer to connect with their sound essence and to succeed in experiencing freedom through the emission of their own voice.
This training is different whether it is aimed at speaking or Singing.

For the spoken voice we will work with vowels, syllables, words, and sentences. At the end of the training, the student will choose a text to work with. The goal is to achieve a good resonance and a top-quality articulation.

At least, the actor' speaking has to be heard and understood. But also, a very expressive voice is needed and we search for it within the different intensities, tonal heights and rhythms.

Vocal training for singing is done by working with the vowels in the 3 tonal areas: middle, low and high.
In the vocal training for singing, other essential aspect we work with is body listening.

How the individual and group lessons are

Individual lessons allow us to search even the slightest block that may hinder our voice in its way to flow naturally.

And also, because they are individual, each person learns at his own pace.

At the group lessons, as the difficulties are shared, they become easier to beat and inside the group we can comprehend some subtleties of our voice by experiencing amongst others the search of our own sound.

Individual lessons last one hour.
Group lessons last two hours and have a maximum number of 8 students. This makes it possible to keep an individual tracking of each participant.

The choice of individual or group lessons depends on the needs of each actor or singer.
The methodology is the same, with shades that tell the difference.

Voice rehabilitation

As for voice rehabilitation, which means that the vocal cords present some kind of disfunction or damage, the lessons are always individual.